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The quality of our products obtained ISO9001:20000 quality management system certification.
Our company follows EU regulation and is in accordance with the guidelines of EU cosmetics parliament, and the regulation of the United States and bases on the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, the products have passed the FDA testing which has been generally accepted as one of the largest food and drug administrative organizations in the world.
The product quality control and technical identification follow the standard SGS and have passed the SGS testing, SGS is the abbreviation for Societe Generale de Surveillance SA, and it can be “General Authentic Surveyor”.


In 2018, in order to promote the technology of private enterprises, CCTV's "Craftwork" column group has been investigated and interviewed by our company. We have become the protagonist of CCTV's original program and have won the "China Quality Pioneer Certificate" and China Quality News Network.






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