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Company Events
In 2000,
biotechnology research center was established in Shanghai, and the personal care products that suitable for infants and children all over the world were start to de;
In 2004,
the first generation “SHOFF” infants and children 100% tear free personal care series products were successfully developed; subsequently, production base was built in China Woodcarving City· Dongyang, and the “Dongyang NIWEI Cosmetics Company Limited” was established; 
In 2006, the second generation “SHOFF” products for Arabia complexion newly come to the market; and it was successfully pushed to the international market;
In 2008,
the third generation “SHOFF” products for Europe and America market were developed out and successfully pushed to the market; in the same year, the products first participated in China Import and Export Fair;
In 2009,
the fourth generation “SHOFF” child care products for South American market were successfully developed and more than 10 countries’ general agency agreements were assigned successively with brilliant achievement. 
In 2012,
head office established “YOZZI Infants and Children Products Company Limited” in DongYang, and the workshop was enlarged again in Jiangbei Hi-tech Industrial Zone; at the same time, world's leading production equipments were introduced. It owned 100000-class clean workshop, obtained GMPC and ISO-22716 system certification, and reached the standards of European and American countries. 
In 2014,
company appeared in China Import and Export Fair, Hongkong Asia-Pacific Beauty Fair, Italy Bologna Cosmoprof Beauty Fair with a whole new look. The operation scale was enlarged again in yiwu International Trade City . And a variety of high-end products were successfully launched.  
In 2005,
company entered into domestic market, and the “Miyu Infants and Children Products Company Limited” was established in Shanghai. In addition, company submitted relevant materials about company registration and trademark registration to authority of California, USA. 
In 2016,
California government formally issued a document and agreed to the application to establish “Baby Whispeper Company Limited” in Pasadena, California, and “Baby Whispeper” trademark certificate was granted by United States Trademark Office. 
In 2017,
company stepped up efforts to recruit new faces and introduced a number of senior management and technical personnel for company’s follow-up development. In the same year, the personal care products that suitable for children all over the world were developed, and the shrink film technology was first used in package.
In 2018,
In order to promote the craftsmanship of private enterprises, After research and interview on our company, we will be featured in the CCTV's Originality programm.
In 2019, ...



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