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It's a comforting performance.


The annual performance report marks the progress we have made as a company, a company that has driven performance growth through humanistic care. With the combined efforts of hundreds of partners in 35 countries/regions around the world, we have not only surpassed most of the targets set to help the communities we serve, but have also reached record levels in financial performance. At the same time, it has obtained Tianxiang's GMPC and ISO-22716 system certification, and has passed Tianxiang's audit every year. The company strictly complies with GMPC and ISO-22716 standards and customer requirements to organize production and control quality. Cooperation with Tianxiang Co., Ltd. has established a complete set of quality inspection equipment and QC center that meet the requirements of the FDA and SGS standards, forming a complete quality assurance system.
The general manager of the company is the captain of the Zhejiang Yiwu team of the International Lion Team(the world's largest service organization). He leads his colleagues to serve the Society for a long time and cares for every member of the society. He hopes that he can grow up healthily with his best efforts.
Together, we have made such progress through determined decision-making and collective action, and are embracing new and ambitious aspirations for future development.


general manager



The Way Forward

We will focus on four areas where our commitment and scale of operations can make the most difference:
-- Improving the quality of life of babies around the world by doing our part to ensure their healthy growth;
-- Long-term cooperation with Tianxiang Company has formed a complete quality assurance system;
-- Strengthening corporate business development and creating jobs for more people;
-- Long-term commitment to public goods and direct returns to society.













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